Below The Belt Grooming Instant Clean Balls, Fragrance Free, 75ml. Ideal for Sports, Gym, Festivals, Travel

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Cleanse, refresh & protect with Below The Belt Grooming - effective, quaility care for down there. Men's intimate hygiene cleanser to eliminate dirt, sweat and odours, for a fresh out of the shower Everyday use - perfect to use daily before, during or after: work, commuting, sports, gym goers, nights out, outdoor activities, camping, festivals & travelling Not just for balls! It can also be used on other parts of your body such as your bum, armpits and feet Hygienic, easy to use, travel size spray bottle. The clear, quick drying spray dries within 30 seconds of application. No residue left behind on skin or clothing Dermatologically tested formulation to achieve gentle, yet highly effective results Fragrance free - all the benefits of feeling fresh and dry but with a neutral aroma